Here are some that we frequently answer.


What is Token?

We are a professional gifting assistant powered by A.I. We help you find unique gifts specifically for the person you're giving to, whether they’re a client, a friend, a colleague or whoever you’d like to be closer with. We make the entire experience simple and convenient and send every gift impeccably wrapped with a beautiful handwritten card. Our mission is to help you maintain stronger relationships, build better networks, and lead a more thoughtful life.

How does Token work?

Start by telling our us a few details about your recipient, such as your relationship, the occasion, their interests, and our A.I. will find gift recommendations just for them. Choose a gift that fits the bill and we’ll ship it impeccably wrapped and with your note, handwritten on a lovely card.

Do I need to create an account to order something?

Yes you do. It’s quite fast, and only takes five seconds, and we want to help you be as organized as you are thoughtful.

What is a Gift Expert?

Our Gift Experts are the voice behind the brands and products our A.I. recommends, leveraging their training in the latest trends and classic tradition to curate beautiful, unique, and appropriate gifts for you.


What types of gifts can I expect to see?

Our Gift Experts source products from the best and emerging brands. Our A.I. will recommend several gifts that match best your recipient — which might be anything from a vintage camera or socially-responsible chocolate, to a champagne saber or even a little something you’ve never seen before.

How much does Token cost?

Token is free to use! We do not charge for gift recommendations, and we do not markup the cost of products. We do charge $10 for our gift wrapping (which is really quite nice, we promise) and it’s optional. Free shipping for orders over $100. For order below $100, there is a $5 flat shipping fee.

To apply to partner with Token and be a part of the future of giving gifts, please contact partnerships@token.ai.

How much do gifts costs?

You can find a little something for under $20 or something grand for hundreds of dollars, depending on the occasion and who your lucky recipient is.

What if I don’t find a great gift?

Our Gift Experts pride themselves on sourcing gifts for any recipient and occasion. If the A.I. doesn’t recommend gifts you love, don’t fret, you can click “See More” for additional options. Still looking? Try adjusting the details you tell us and asking for new recommendations.


What comes with a Token gift?

Every gift from Token is expertly wrapped in the highest quality materials and beautifully presented in our iconic gift box, bound with satin ribbon. Each gift comes with your note, handwritten on lovely stationery and finished with a wax seal.

How do I send multiple gifts to the same recipient?

If you order several small gifts, they will come wrapped in the same box. If you order several large gifts, they will be wrapped separately. In either case, your order will come with one handwritten card.

Do you want your gifts wrapped separately for different people?

Please checkout with separate orders for each person you are gifting to. This will ensure that each person gets a beautifully wrapped gift and personalized note. If you are sending multiple small gifts to the same location, just let us know (support@token.ai) and we will consolidate them in fewer boxes for you, and as a bonus, we will refund any shipping charges.

How do I return a gift?

If your recipient would like to return the gift or if it was damaged in transit, we are more than happy to take care of it by offering a refund or exchange. To return an item, please contact us support@token.ai.

Please note a few exceptions — personalized or monogrammed items are not eligible for refunds. Returns must be processed within 30 days of the gift delivery. You will see a refund on the payment method you used within 3-7 days of processing the return.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order anytime before it’s processed on your Token account order page. If your order has already been processed, contact support@token.ai to request a cancellation.


How does sending a gift by email work?

Very simply! Enter your gift recipient’s email address. We send them an email with a link where they can enter their preferred delivery address. Then we send them your gift!

What if I send a gift by email, and my recipient doesn’t enter a delivery address?

If your recipient doesn’t enter a delivery address within a week, we’ll send them a reminder. If they haven’t entered a delivery address after 2 weeks, then we will go ahead and cancel the gift and send you a notification and refund.

Where can I ship my gift?

We ship gifts anywhere in the United States.

Where do my purchases come from?

All our gifts are wrapped with love and shipped from New York City.

When will my gift arrive?

We have next day delivery in New York City and 1 - 3 day delivery nationwide for orders placed before 2PM. Remote or rural locations may take slightly longer.

How much is shipping?

Free shipping for orders over $100. For order below $100, there is a $5 flat shipping fee.


How do I add my product to Token?

If you are interested in having Token carry your products, please reach out to us at partnerships@token.ai.

How do I partner with Token for events?

If you are interested in partnership with Token as a gifting service, please reach out to us at marketing@token.ai.

How do I set up a corporate account on Token?

If you are interested in setting up a corporate account, please reach out to us at accounts@token.ai.


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